Cali Day # 2

Sunday - We didn't have a lot of plans.  I wanted to go to the beach, but I wanted to go to a beach with a board walk.

A tennis torment was going on, so Grandma and Grandpa came over to watch it at our hotel, so Tim and I snuck out for breakfast (we should have gone shopping (: )  Then we were going to have a BBQ at the beach with turned into a BBQ at the RV Park with half the family missing because of miscommunication.  After that we headed down to Newport to go to the beach with the other part of the family.  Long story short, we got to the beach at about 4:00 :( but we had a lot of fun.  Noah and Chloe are inseparable when they are together so they played and I played in the sand and waves with Kyra.  Tim and Hanah jumped the big waves, while everyone else enjoyed the beach.  Then we hit a fish taco place on the way home.

This picture is dark but I had to have a picture of Grandma in her hat (and I am work and don't have photo shop to fix it)

This one is dark too, but I needed a picture of Jill and Jon in their beach attire

Bestest Cousins

I love the butt crack :)

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