Cali Day # 3

Monday - We went to Disneyland just our family.  Everyone else one got tickets for just Saturday, but I wanted to be able to do more so we had tickets for Monday too.  We did more shows and things at Caifornia Adventures on Monday, but still there was so much more we could have done.  Tim had that day mapped out as well, but the lines were a little longer, but still super short, like 20 minutes at the most.  We saw a lot more shows which I never have really done at Disneyland, that was a lot of fun.  I really need to take more pictures.


Cali Day # 2

Sunday - We didn't have a lot of plans.  I wanted to go to the beach, but I wanted to go to a beach with a board walk.

A tennis torment was going on, so Grandma and Grandpa came over to watch it at our hotel, so Tim and I snuck out for breakfast (we should have gone shopping (: )  Then we were going to have a BBQ at the beach with turned into a BBQ at the RV Park with half the family missing because of miscommunication.  After that we headed down to Newport to go to the beach with the other part of the family.  Long story short, we got to the beach at about 4:00 :( but we had a lot of fun.  Noah and Chloe are inseparable when they are together so they played and I played in the sand and waves with Kyra.  Tim and Hanah jumped the big waves, while everyone else enjoyed the beach.  Then we hit a fish taco place on the way home.

This picture is dark but I had to have a picture of Grandma in her hat (and I am work and don't have photo shop to fix it)

This one is dark too, but I needed a picture of Jill and Jon in their beach attire

Bestest Cousins

I love the butt crack :)


Playing Ketchup

(Yes I know I spell catch up wrong)

This summer has been crazy busy.  The best time to post so we will remember it, but the hardest time to find time.

Our Summer started out with a trip to Disneyland!!!  We didn't plan on going on a big vacation this year it was not something we felt we could afford, however, my father in law's band he teaches was headed to Disneyland to preform so with some great help from our in laws we were able to go.  The best part of the trip was all the Whitley's were able to get together, and that hasn't happened for a couple years.

Sorry to bore you with the details, but I want to remember them.  On Friday we picked Grandma up and headed to the airport.  Grandpa and the Rennerts left the day before in the motor home.  I was happy that everything went smoothly, except for the poor lady behind me on the plane that Kyra said "Hi" to over a 100 times. :)  Once we landed in Long Beach we walked across the street to get our rental car and headed to the hotel.  We wanted to stay close to Disneyland at an inexpensive hotel.  Tim found a great deal on Alpine Inn.  It was an OK place to stay, but I don't think I would stay there again, you had to pay for ice and the air conditioning was SO loud.  Once we were checked in Grandma took us to Coco's Bakery for lunch.  Yum, we love Coco's Bakery.  The rest of Friday was spent trying to get Kyra to take a nap (trying to being the key word), getting Grandma to the RV park they were staying at, helping Julie get to her rental car, getting groceries, and grabbing dinner.

Saturday - This was a BIG Disneyland day. Tim had a program that helped him create a plan to do Disneyland without long waits. It was amazing. I am a stress-er and hate crowds, so Disneyland + kids = A Stressed Out Ornery Mom, however, I had THE best time I have ever had at Disneyland this time. We got there about 20 minutes before the gates off and we headed off to find the rides that had been mapped out for the time.  We rode about 5 or 6 rides before we headed over to listen to Dan's band play.

After we were done watching/listening to the band, the Rennert's showed up.  Noah was SO excited to see Chloe that they took off running.  I had my back turned, chasing Kyra, for only a couple minutes and they were gone.  I started freaking out.  No one was watching them.  Noah and I had gone to Frontier Land before the performance to look at toys so I hoped/prayed that he had taken Chloe over there to show her something, and thankfully he did.  Once we were all together again, then we were off to ride the rides, without all waits.  I think we waited 10-15 minutes at the most.

Around 3:00 we left to have a BBQ at Grandpa and Grandma's motor home.  It was nice to take a little break and to be able to see Jill and Jon.  We ate and played there until about 5.  Grandma was nice enough to keep Kyra and we headed back to Disneyland to ride the older rides.  We had a blast.  Noah rode Indiana Jones and loved it (after we bribed him into going on it), but my the time we got to Splash Mountain I didn't force him to ride that one.  It was late and I knew he would hate the drop at the end.  We had tickets to the new Star Tours that opened that day that we hadn't used and we wanted to ride that one.  By this time Noah was done.  He cried that he just wanted to go home.  Julie sat out with him and the other kids while we went in, and in 5 minutes he was out.  That was the longest line we stood in, waiting 45 minutes and I didn't think it was worth it, but the day was great!!

Getting set up

Jon playing the drums

Trying to entertain Kyra before and during the performance (I promise she wears shoes sometimes, but she likes to take them off)

Kyra's favorite ride "It's a Small World"

Julie and Chloe

Jen (Jon's girlfriend) and Hanah

I love this picture.  We were hanging out while everyone else rode Roger Rabbit

This picture is a little blurry and I think Jon looks scary, but it is the only one I have with all of them in it

I love his look in this picture

The new Ariel ride

Tim & Julie riding the roller coaster


Birthday Party!

We celebrated Kyra's birthday on Saturday, May 14th.  I just did her party in pink & brown polka dots, and did a lot of different treats.  I liked the way it turned out. 

I just finished icing the cupcakes when the guy that was aerating our lawn knocked on the door to get his check.  Kyra found the frosting in the garbage.  This is what came walking up to me while I was talking to the guy.  I had to take pictures cause I thought it was so funny.  I don't think I would have thought it to be so funny if she would of had her tutu on.

This is the sign I made

These are just normal cupcakes 

I only had one cupcake pan so I cooked the rest of the cake in around pan and then cut these into hearts.  And I ran out of pink frosting so I frosted these chocolate. 

These are cake pops.  I have seen them on a lot of blogs lately so I wanted to try them.  I made them gluten free, which was nice so I could have some.

These are peanut butter bonbons.  They are delicious! 

Here is everything together. 

I turned these pictures before I uploaded them, but they aren't turned. :(
I love the curly balloon. 

 Here is the birthday girl! 

Noah gave her is small (fake) pillow pet. I wish I had more pictures of her opening her presents, but I had taken a photography class a couple days before and left the camera in manual and so when Tim took the pics they were kind of blurry. :(  But she got clothes, a blanket with her name on it, a tent house, and a lawn chair. 

She LOVED it! 

I made her a purse with 'big girl' things in it, but they were connected so she can pull them out, but not loose them.  More to come on this. 

Her friend Sofie gave her a doll, she loves it. 

Next was cake time. 

Later that night we took pictures of her playing with the balloons.