Birthday Party!

We celebrated Kyra's birthday on Saturday, May 14th.  I just did her party in pink & brown polka dots, and did a lot of different treats.  I liked the way it turned out. 

I just finished icing the cupcakes when the guy that was aerating our lawn knocked on the door to get his check.  Kyra found the frosting in the garbage.  This is what came walking up to me while I was talking to the guy.  I had to take pictures cause I thought it was so funny.  I don't think I would have thought it to be so funny if she would of had her tutu on.

This is the sign I made

These are just normal cupcakes 

I only had one cupcake pan so I cooked the rest of the cake in around pan and then cut these into hearts.  And I ran out of pink frosting so I frosted these chocolate. 

These are cake pops.  I have seen them on a lot of blogs lately so I wanted to try them.  I made them gluten free, which was nice so I could have some.

These are peanut butter bonbons.  They are delicious! 

Here is everything together. 

I turned these pictures before I uploaded them, but they aren't turned. :(
I love the curly balloon. 

 Here is the birthday girl! 

Noah gave her is small (fake) pillow pet. I wish I had more pictures of her opening her presents, but I had taken a photography class a couple days before and left the camera in manual and so when Tim took the pics they were kind of blurry. :(  But she got clothes, a blanket with her name on it, a tent house, and a lawn chair. 

She LOVED it! 

I made her a purse with 'big girl' things in it, but they were connected so she can pull them out, but not loose them.  More to come on this. 

Her friend Sofie gave her a doll, she loves it. 

Next was cake time. 

Later that night we took pictures of her playing with the balloons. 


Kathy said...

Looks like a fun party and a very sweet and cute little girl.

DeeAnn said...

CUTE Collette!!

You are so talented! Your "just normal" cupcakes look pretty darn fancy to me. :)

I would seriously LOVE that picture of Kyra with her head down in the frosting. It would be sooo cute printed out 8x10, framed and hung on the wall!

My SongBook said...

I love her tutu! Though it looks like it didn't last long :). Beautiful party. Wonderful job!