Boys will be Boys

Almost 2 years ago I went in to find out what sex my baby was. I was praying it would be a girl. I am kind of a girly girl and I have grown up with sisters (I have an older brother, but he is 3 years older, so I never paid attention to what he was doing). So when they told me I was having a boy, I was excited but scared. I didn't know how to raise a boy (I really didn't know how to raise either one, but I figured I could wing it easier with a girl). Plus there is no doubt that girl clothes are tons cuter than boys.

Now, I LOVE my boy! He is 100% boy and I couldn't be happier. I can play a mean game of 'I'm gonna get ya' or drive cars around the house with him. I am even learning about sports.

Last night we went to a County Music Concert (Collin Ray). I grew up listening to Country music and going to all the concerts so I having fun passing the tradition on to Noah (even though I wish Grandma Terri could have been there to show him how to really jam). After dancing for a little while this is what Noah ended up doing to make the time pass by. This is why he is 100% boy.

(he is laying down playing in the dirt)

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