Vegas Baby

Last Thursday Tim and I flew to Vegas sans Noah. It was HEAVEN! Not to be away from Noah (even though the break was nice) but to be away from all the stresses of life right now. On the 12th we celebrated our 5 year anniversary and I believe we saw each other for a max of 2 hours that day so time together was needed.

We had a blast! We shopped, relaxed, ate at GREAT restaurants, spent time by the pool, saw The Dark Knight, spent time at the casinos (won $85 playing craps, Tim put $10 down and I said we had to walk away once we lost, not to bad), and went and saw Mystere. I highly recommend it, it was a great show.

Here are a few pictures. (I really suck at remembering to take pictures)

Thanks Tim for the past 5 years. They have been great. We have definitely had our ups and downs. But I wouldn’t have wanted to go through them with anyone else. I look forward to where the next 5 years take us. I love you.

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Crystal said...

What a fun trip. Happy anniversary!

I was on a walk with Lincoln yesterday when he asked where Noah was :( You guys need to hurry and move here!