My Baby is 3!

Today is Noah’s 3rd Birthday. I can’t believe it has been 3 years since he was born. We have a Pirate Party.

This sign was on the front door.

The kids found the treasure on the map.

The kids ran around the house looking for the real treasure.

Noah opened A LOT of presents.

We had a pirate cake.

Thanks to everyone that came, we had a lot of fun.

Back to my baby; here is a list of things I LoVe about Noah.
- He is SO smart!
- He uses big words (I am a little bit jealous that it isn’t mine birthday party today. You need to apologize to me, mom. When the bath water is hot I get in gradually. I sure appreciate you, mom.)
- He cuddles with me
- He tells me he loves me the biggest with a cherry on top
- He tells funny knock knock jokes
- He loves to wrestle


Amy said...

Oh so sweet to see your little guy grow. I am impressed with the cake! Wow! You are such a cool mom!

Crystal said...

What a fun party!! Happy birthday Noah!!

We miss you guys.

Jenn and Jared said...

After posting that I was going private and had no cousin e-mails ( I am Cindy's oldest)to keep you reading my blog, it occured to me the cousins might not even know it exists soooo here is the blog address and if you want to continue when I go private this weekend, e-mail me your address so I can include you: http://jnielsonnet.blogspot.com/ and my e-mail is jandjnielson@gmail.com

Kathy said...

I love the pirate cake and the sign for the door. What a fun mom you are.

Rachie said...

Happy Birthday Noah! I know this is late,but I hope the pirate party was fun!

I have to say 3 years old is a really hard age. I have written off anymore kids too!