Random Things

Why I love being a mom . . .

There are days when I wonder why I am paying so much to add another child to our family, when Noah is throwing his 3 year tantrums, talking back to me and being a aggressive boy, but then he crawls into bed with me this morning and I rubbed his back for awhile, once I stopeed he said, ‘Mom, love me like that again.’ And then I remember why there is nothing better than being a mom.


Are you looking for a reason to get in shape? Modbe has just released their swimsuits. And they are hot!
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Ashlee tagged me awhile ago so I decided to finally do it.

Go to the document/my picture site on your computer
Go to the 6th file / Go to the 6th picture / blog about it.

Tim and I took Megan to Vegas when she turned 21! This is Megan and I walking to our room.


Cansas said...

Yeah, it does stink to pay to get pregnant, but you know they're worth every penny. Good luck with everything! Are you seeing someone from the U of U??

Amy said...

I am glad you have those little moments that remind you why. I didn't have any of my own I just had to look at my little nieces and nephews and say I want that too. Motivation can come in many forms. I hope all goes well with your efforts!
Tell Meg I said Hi! I haven't seen her in ages!