California - Day 1 & 2

We went to California almost 2 months ago, and I have totally slacked on posting about it. Sorry. I don't want to overwhelm the post with TONS of pictures, so I will post days. With the price of airline tickets so cheap, the hotel being free, and the worry that I may end up in the crazy house if we drove, we decided to fly. It went really good. Noah was great! When we landed it was late afternoon so we decided to just find our hotel and relax a litte. Then we went out for great Mexican.
The next day just hung around for the first part of the day, then we headed down to San Diego to a Padres game. I could not believe how big the stadium was. Noah was excited because we all got shirts (even though his fits him like a dress). With our tickets we got a hot dog and a drink. Yum there is nothing better than a Baseball game dog.

More to come tomorrow.

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Chris and Hilary said...

Looks like fun! I am dying to go to California with Landon. So jealous!