Day 4 - Disneyland

I should really be fired from Blogging, I am AWFUL at it. But at least I have a really good excuse Ashlee is getting married and I am moving. July is going to be crazy!

Our 4th day in California was spent at Disneyland. We headed straight for 'Finding Nemo' since Megan told us it is worth the wait. And wait we did, probably for only an hour though.
Noah hated it. It was loud and dark and scary. I was afraid it was going to be a long day! Especially since we next went to 'Honey I Shrunk the Audience’ . As soon as the cat face came at us, Noah jumped on my lap and hid his head. (Note to self: no 3D movies). Next we headed to Buzz Lightyear and that started us on the uphill slide.

I climbed the Jungle Book Treehouse for the first time with Noah. That was fun. Tim had a single rider pass to Indian Jones so Noah and I needed to kill 20 minutes.

Noah did REALLY good on the Haunted House. I am sure it is because I was afraid he wouldn’t so I kept asking him to protect me and that helped. Then he cried the whole time we were in line for Story Book Land because he didn’t want to ride a boat into a whale’s mouth (this is what happens when he misses nap time).

He LoVed It's a Small World, but really who doesn't?

Noah and I had some time to spare before the parade so we hung out in Toon Town and went to see Mickey (Tim was riding rides).

We ended our fun day at Disneyland with the parade, and a very tired, but happy NOAH!


Megan said...

You should be fired :) jk I like to look at your pictures so keep them coming!

Michelle said...

It looks like you guys had a ton of fun!!! It was good to see you on the 4th! Your blog is cute!!

LindseyFae* said...

I wish we were there! I'm glad you guys are having so much fun.