Start Smart

I know I have fallen out of blogging world for a month, but it is my goal to come back. There is a lot to blog about so hopefully I make up for it this month.

Noah started Start Smart Baseball last month. Rather than just throwing kids into T-ball this program is suppose to teach them the fundamentals and get them excited without the pressure of winning. So far I am impressed with the concept. I just can't believe my baby is big enough to play. Here are some pictures.
The goal of this activity is to throw the ball between the tape lines.

We are working in catching here.

Another catching picture.

He is learning to bat using a beach ball. He is just like his dad, sticks his tongue out while he concentrates.

The goal here is to hit a ball connected to a string.

For the last activity of the day they hit off a Tee then ran the bases.


Amy said...

What a cool concept. I think that is the perfect way to transition kids and teach them how to play the sport. I am glad to see you back too!!!

Nicole said...

He is so cute! He is going to be a really good ball player I bet.

Kira said...

I am going to try those things with Keaton. What great ideas. He starts Itty Bitty Ball club next week. Maybe they will also do some of those things there too?