Ashlee and Josh Tie the Knot

Now that the wedding is over and I am moved I can FINALLY blog. Sorry I didn't get these posted last week.
What can I say? She is a DOLL!
I love this picture of Maggie. So precious.
Favorite cousins.
The Christiansen Kids.
I have to show off my handiwork. I made these skirts. I wouldn't have touched a sewing machine while my mom was alive, but I am glad I have the desire now.
What a sweet innocent picture. Don't believe the picture. :)
Good luck trying to get 5 kids in one picture.
The table settings. Megan, Ashlee, and I decorated for the wedding. You can hire us if you want. :) The day of the wedding it was 100+, I am glad I brought a TOTALLY different outfit to decorate in.
They had the reception catered. It was delicious.
The picture table.
It really was this hot. I don't like this picture, but it shows that it was a hot day.
I love this little man. Even though he is TROUBLE.
Noah's partner in crime, Sawyer.
The 'Thank You' table.
Dad and Ashlee's dance.
Noah showing off his moves.
Noah and Maggie dancing.
Josh and Ashlee cutting their cake.
The sign in table

Pompoms. Megan and Ashlee did a great job making these.
Noah kissing a bunny.
My cousin Hillary, her twins McKayl & Emma, and Libby. (Sorry for spelling errors)

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Kira said...

I love the skirts! All was perfect!