Day 6 - California Adventures

We spent one whole day at California Adventures. Tim had never been there, but by this time Noah was kind of done of ‘scary’ rides. He mainly wanted to watch the shows or ride the bumper cars. He cried the WHOLE way through ‘It’s a Bugs Life’, but that is a pretty scary, loud show for little kids. Like I said before no 3D for a LONG time.

Not a cute picture, I am glad I didn't pay for the photographer to take a picture with his camera.

Tim on the Rapids. He barely got wet so I thought I would go as a single rider. I was SOAKED! Too bad we didn't take any pictures of it.

This is what Noah did, while we took turns on the rapids.

Tim on the Roller Coaster.

I decided I better ride the 'Tower of Terror' cause I didn't want to come home and be made that I didn't do it, but I didn't want to ride a scary ride by myself, but I am glad I did. It was a BLAST.

This is what Noah did while I rode the ride.

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