If you knew my mom you know she had amazing talent. My sisters and I swear that she did not pass that talent on, however, I think these projects say otherwise.

Megan made these beautiful bibs and burp cloths. I LoVe these!

Ashlee made this cute banner for my baby shower. I love it so much I kept it and hung it in the baby's room.

And even Nicole, who says she is not crafty at all, made this adorable blanket and burp cloth for me.

Thanks sisters for all these CUTE things to help bring this new little girl into the family. I can't wait to meet her in 3 weeks!


Nicole said...

You know I had help with that! But I did run the sewing machine! :)

Ashlee Thornton said...

you need to take pictures of her nursery and post them and show everyone your craftiness too.

Thank you!

Kathy said...

That banner is absolutely adorable. I can't believe your little girl is coming so soon. I hope everything goes well.

Amy said...

those are all so adorable!