Halloween 2010

Thursday was 1-800 Contacts Trunk or Treat. This year they held it in the red barn at Thanksgiving Pointe and had people decorate spaces rather than their trunks. I hope they adopt that idea for every year. I like to trick or treat inside. This is my little Wonder Women at trunk or treat.

This is Kyra's buddy Sofie. I LOVE her outfit. I wish I would have seen this one first.

Friday, Noah and I ended up at doctors' appointments with the same conclusion, strep. I am glad we went in on Friday so we were feeling better on Saturday.

Saturday, The Gainers and Thorntons joined us at our house for some trick or treating. The Christiansen's were sick. It was raining so trick or treating was not as fun, but early on Saturday we took the kids to the mall with Brinlee so they definitely got enough candy.

The Whitley's (Tim and I should have dressed up like super hero's, but Halloween showed up too quickly this year)
The Thornton's (Cute 20's couple)
The Gainers (TinkerBell, Minnie Mouse, and Rambo)
Grandma and Grandpa Whitley came over to see the kids costumes. (And scare Kyra to death) Also Noah's other cousin Chloe stayed around to trick or treat with Noah. (They are BFF's)

Sunday, it was my turn to host dinner. I decided to make it a Halloween Scare.

The brains weren't to eat, just to be a decoration.
This is a cheeseball.

Ogre Brains = Stuffing

Vampire Eyes = Deviled Eggs

Bat Blood = Orange Crystal Lite

Werewolf Meat = Turkey
Scary Ghost = Mashed Potatoes
Pumpkin Patch = Sweet Potatoes

Witches Fingers = Sugar Cookies
Monster Guts = Oatmeal Cookies


Nicole said...

Kyra's hair looks so cute in that first picture!!! I'm sorry we missed Sat evening.

Kathy said...

Looks like a fun Halloween. Sorry about the Strep, that is no fun! I love the wonder woman and cow costumes. So cute!

dluvscoke said...

Did you do all that food?!

I have a perfect ideas for you and Tim and the kids for next Halloween. I'm not gonna tell you on the blog though. I don't want anyone stealing the idea ;D

Coco said...

Yes I did. Crazy I know. I want to know what the idea is.