Gerber Party

Have you ever heard of House Partys? It is a new way manufactures are getting their product out. All you have to do is go to a website and apply. Then if you are a match they will award you the party, then you throw a party on their dime (except the food). I was able to do a Gerber one. It was a blast. I received a lot of information for everyone and great goody bags (insulated bag, 3 drinks, 2 babyfoods, 8 yogurts, 1 cereal bar, information, and coupons), balloons, plates, napkins, cups, and goodies to display (that I got to keep). I invited a lot of people unfortunetely not many were able to come, but the up side was I got the left over goodies.
Goodie Bags
Aren't these the cutest cousins you have ever seen? I love this picture. Priceless

What a cutie!!!

Activities for the kids so we didn't have to chase them (as much)

Fun game provided by House Party

Fun Friends


dluvscoke said...

Oh, this looks like fun! I wish we had things like this when my kids were young.

Amy said...

I had no idea that looks really cool!

Kira said...

That looks so awesome. I have never heard of that. I am all over it though!