Keeping My Shoes

Yesterday I was asked to make dinner for a family in my ward.  I didn't know the details, just that the mom had not been feeling well.  I was more than happy to help someone else out. 

Then I forgot to go to the store after work and grab disposable containers to take the dinner in, and I did not pull my chicken out to defrost.  I planned on making a yummy apricot chicken dish, which was going to be super easy to put all the ingredients in my pressure cooker and let it cook.  However, for some reason my pressure cooker was not making enough pressure to start.  So 20 minutes before I was to take dinner I had to cut up raw frozen chicken and try again.  Thank goodness the pressure cooker started after that.

I wanted to make a vegetable and pull a bag of frozen corn out of the freezer only to have half of it end up on the floor when I opened it.  Also, did I mentioned I had a baby following me around crying, and when I asked Noah to keep Kyra happy the response I got was, 'well do I get for doing that?'  My response was you don't have to go to bed right now.

When dinner was complete and in plastic bags (classy I know, but the last thing people need to worry about is returning dishes) I packed the kids in the car and headed to the ward member's house in the slippery snow.  Thinking the whole time this is the last time I try to do something nice, this is not worth it.  It should be easy cause I am trying to do something nice.

I pulled up at the house and finally convinced Noah that he needed to stay in the car while I took dinner in.  I apologized profusely for the classy display of dinner, and asked if she was ok.  At that time she explained to me what was wrong. 

Then I got back into my car and prayed that we could make it up the hill and to our house (which took awhile with the snow) and thanked my Heavenly Father for the shoes I have to walk cause there are always ones that are much worse.

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Jamie said...

What a beautiful reminder if what really matters