Noah's Birthday

Noah turned 5 a month ago. I am awful at getting pictures up on my blog. To my defense it was my goal to scrapbook them, then post the pages, however, the software I used to scrapbook them won't let me turn the pages into a jpg so I can't post the pages. So here are the pictures

On his birthday we took him to Fudderucker's for dinner and then to Boondocks to play games. 
Happy Birthday Boy!
Playing Games
Playing Games @ Boondocks

Sweet Kyra (with an infected eye, and ear infection)

Noah's Invites

Superhero Outfits

All the Superheroes that came
Once all the superheroes arrived and put their masks and capes on, we headed to the Training Center.  At the Training Center they had to slide down a building, climb through a tunnel, learn how to carry a bomb without dropping it and jump over a wall.  They all did great!
Next up the Superheroes had to fight Mr Freeze.  We played music and had all the kids dance.  Once the music stopped the kids had to stop or they were out.
Then it was time for each Superhero to take on a bad guy. (I had balloons with names of the bad guys writen on them, then the kids had to do what they could to pop the balloon.  There was candy inside)
Next up Noah opened his presents and the kids eat cupcakes and played.  (Note to self 2 hours is TOO long for a birthday party, 1 1/2 hours would be prefect)

The next day we had all the family over to celebrate his birthday too.

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Nicole said...

You did a great job on the party! I still feel bad my kiddos missed it! Happy Birthday to my favorite nephew!