So little time

I wish I blogged more.  I really like to keep my blog updated, but it's hard.  Between work, two wonderful very busy kids, housework, and a little project I am working on (more to come on that later).  I don't seem to find the time I am looking for.  Also did I mention that I have less than a month before my baby turns one (hold on while I wipe my tears), so I have a party to plan.

But there really is so much I want to blog about, like my New Year's resolutions that I am keeping, my sweet kids and all the other stuff in between.  Maybe I need to find a blog about time management to read, but then I will be swept in that black hole :)

Anyways, hopefully more to come SOON!!

1 comment:

Amy said...

ONE already! WOW time flies!!! I wish I had Zack Morris's ability to say Time Out!