For all the Runners

For Christmas Tim bought me a Nike+ for my Nano. If you don't know what that is, it is a little attachment that hooks to your Nano and then the sensor goes on your shoe and it tracks your distance, time, pace and calories as you run. I love it! No matter where you go running you can track your runs and then you can download it to Nike's website and track your progress. There are a few ladies at work with one and we are all trying to get into shape for summer so I went on the Nike website and challenged them to see who could run the most miles in 30 days. I am about 15 years younger than all of them so I wasn't worried about winning the challenge, however, after I had to run 30 miles the first week just to keep up I knew I had my work cut out for me. We are about to end week three and I am in second place with 68 miles (I need to up my game). However, I know that I get obsessed when I get up at 5:30 and run 4 miles then can't wait until I get home so I can take Noah on a 3 mile walk just to try to keep up. The challenge has definitely succeeded in getting me into shape. I will let you know what place I come in at and the number of miles I run. Right now I need encouragement because this morning the last thing I wanted to go was get on the treadmill.


RACHIE said...

I want one too!!! I am so proud of you for running so early in the morning. I just can't get my lazy butt out of bed. I think I may go online and check this thing out/ Thanks Coco...you have inspired me :)

Laurel Shiner said...

coco...it is so good to see you in the land of the blogs!!! Laurel