I hate lossing :(

So the challenge is over and unfortunately I finished in 3rd place. I was hoping for 2nd because Robyn is training for a Marathon so I didn't expect to pass her, but Patti pushed hard and won it. But it was great to push myself so hard. Here are the scores:

Patti 139.82
Robyn 129.92
Collette 114.90
Allison 79.22

So I averaged 28.72 miles a week and about 4.78 miles a day because I would always take Sundays off. So I am happy, the two things this challenge did for me was make me run more and run longer than I normally would. I always made my Saturday runs around 6 miles.

So that brings me to my next challenge. A lady in my ward that workouts in the mornings when I do is getting a group together to do a relay race. www.wasatchbackrelay.com It goes from Logan to Park City. It is a 24 hour relay that a group of 12 run together. Everyone has to run 3 legs and depending on how hard the run is depends on the length of the run. I think it sounds like a blast, but then again does it really???? Thoughts?

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