The Dirtier The Better

Easter to my family has always meant red sand, picnics, and Easter egg hunts. Ever since I was small I always remember getting a new shovel and pail so I could dig in the dirt at the Easter picnic. Sometimes it was warm enough to wear my new shorts, but most of the time I had to wear pants. After we had a picnic, my aunt Karen would take us kids on a hike while the Easter Bunny would come and hide eggs with clues leading us to our Easter Baskets.

This year it was fun to share the experience with my own son. Noah is only 13 months so he doesn't understand the Easter Bunny and couldn't go on the hike, but he LOVED having a shovel and pail to dig in the dirt with, and he LOVED getting dirty. Unfortunately, we have lost the one who came up with the creative rhymes for the egg hunt (my mom), but this year we sent the kids on a hunt with a compass, which was a lot of fun too. I love traditions, especially being able to share old ones and begin new ones with my family.

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RACHIE said...

Kids love to be dirty! I think your family traditions sound like so much fun. I wish I were in shorts and a t-shirt!