30 is around the corner

Has anyone struggled with hitting the big 3 0 ? I am struggling with it more than I thought I would. It is not because I think 30 is SO OLD, but more because I have not accomplished the things I thought I would by my 30th birthday. (I guess I better get started on my list for 40 or just say heck with it) :)

Did anyone have a hard time turning 30?


Are you dreading when the time comes?


RACHIE said...

I don't feel 30 was hard to hit...I think 40 will be the hard one for me. I better accomplish the stuff before I a the BIG 4-0...

Laurel said...

30 wasn't so bad for me...the one thing I wanted to do before I turned 30 was marry my man. That didn't happen before my 30th b-day BUT I was very close to getting engaged (so that was good enough for me). Anyhow 30 is very young (Duh! It's the new 20) or so I was told when I was thirty. Don't feel like you haven't done much because you have 50 or so more years to enjoy the journey.