Happiness & Moms

I wanted to blog about my MOTHER'S DAY HERO, MY MOM! Mothers Day is a bittersweet holiday for me. I never got a chance to celebrate this special day while being a mother and having a mother at the same time. I was 5 months pregnant when Terri's 9 year fight with cancer suddenly took her. And as much as I envy everyone who's mom is still living, I wouldn't want more time with her if it meant giving up the closeness and friendship I made with her the short time she was here. I can truly say she is my Hero and Best Friend.

For the last 9 years of my mom's life she lived in pain with cancer and lived through a yucky divorce. You would never have guessed it if you met with and talked to her because she was such a happy person. She loved her life and everyone in it. She is my definition of a GREAT MOM.

*She stayed home and made warm cookies.

*She made the majority of my clothes growing up and they were stylish. I never felt as poor as we were.

*She was a blast to go shopping with because she knew how to shop the bargains and stay stylish (something I am still working on, but getting better at with Tims help).

*She loved to hear about my love life and all that drama when I was a teenager (and through my early twenties). All my friends liked to come over and chat because she loved to hear about their lives too.

*She taught me about faith. She stayed strong, even when nothing seemed to be going right in her life.

I am at the start of motherhood and I hope to establish a relationship with my kids like I had with my mom. I hope to be their support and their friend. But I also hope to teach them right from wrong, and especially to respect their elders because I think people are forgetting to teach their kids that.

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers out there.


RACHIE said...

That was very touching and tear jerking. I cannot imagine the feelings you have at this time. You are so strong and brave. You are also a great mom to Noah. Happy Mother's Day!

Laurel said...

Oh Coco...your mom was a sweetheart, she constantly had a smile on her face, and always seemed to have plenty of time to chat with me. This time of year most be difficult. My thoughts are with you. Your little Noah is so cute. What a gift.