Glass Half Empty or Half Full

I have been a total slacker lately with blogging.

I think it is because I have been in a slump.

I sometimes feel like I am a pessimist. Like my cup is half empty more than it is half full and I hate it. Does anyone have any good tips on being more positive?


RACHIE said...

I think I am a more half full kind of girl. But I have my days when I can be pretty pessimistic. I guess it is a matter of choice and habit. I also think it is how we were brought up. My dad always instilled in the me the idea of "choice". Sometimes I think I am too "Polyanna".

Laurel said...

I am not sure because my glass is empty...ha ha just kidding. Sometimes you just have to get out and do the things that you love to get out of a slump. Other times I really think you have to ride it out and in a couple of days you'll be the yourself again, but one thing I know for sure...Count your blessings because I KNOW you have tons to be thankful for.