Thanks for Being A GREAT Dad

This is dedicated to my other half. The BEST DAD in the WORLD!

When I married Tim I always thought he would be a good dad, but it wasn't until we had Noah that I realized he would be a GREAT DAD.

With our situation, Tim is more of a stay at home DAD than I am a stay at home mom right now and there are a lot of guys that would be throwing in the towel or picking up a second job so they could pay for day care so they didn't have to spend the better part of their day picking up after a 1 year old, chasing an energetic son around, and watching talk shows (just kidding - recorded sport shows), but Tim loves it. And I love that about Tim.

I don't give Tim the credit he deserves so hopefully this post will make up for my short comings.

Things I heart about Tim:

- How much he loves Noah. He is always saying there isn't anything better than loving your own kid.

- How patient he is with me, and life. I am a high strung person and Tim is not.

- How dedicated he is about things he really enjoys.

- That he researches everything to make sure we are getting what we want for the best price possible and the best product out there.

- How much he loves me. After being married 4 years he is still cuddling and says sweet things to me everyday.

- How much he loves life.

- That is gives me more back rubs than I give him and he doesn't complain about it.

- How much he loves my family. Our situation is different from others. Since our first date, Tim has always known that my family was near and dear to me and they would always be a BIG part of my life. If he was to marry me, my family came in the same package (in a different way than most). I was my mom's care giver and she leaned on me a lot. Then when her time to leave earth came I had two little sisters without any one else to help them out. Tim knew this from our first date and he accepted and has been amazing with my family. :)

- I love how much he loves this song. I tried to put it to the slide show, but I couldn't get it to work.

And the list could go on and on.


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RACHIE said...

Coco, you have such a cute family. Your Noah is so adorable! YOu can tell Tim is a great dad just by those pictures.