Rachel's Tag

I have been too busy to post lately so I thought I would follow Rachel's suit because it is a quick post. Enjoy

4 Jobs I have had
- Project Accountant @ Greenwood Construction
- Customer Service @ Voicestream (Do you ever remember them?
The first cell phone to go digital)
- Admin Assistant @ Hajoca (What? It is a Plumbing Supply place,
my dad was the boss at the time)
- Bakery Help @ Reams (Gotta love those high school jobs)

4 Moives I can always watch
- Notting Hill
- Just Like Heaven
- Annie

4 Places I have lived
- Cedar City, UT
- Sandy, UT
- All over Sweden :)
- Draper, UT

4 Shows I enjoy
- On the Lot
- Don't Forget the Lyrics
- All the shows on HGTV
- House
and the list could go on and on

4 Favorite Foods
- Cafe Rio Pork Salad
- Brownies
- Ice Cream
- Peas

4 Websites I visit
- All my friends blogs (and not my friend blogs)
- ebay
- target
- finetune.com

4 Places I would rather be right now
- Sitting on the beach
- Getting a massage
- Chasing Noah around
- Shopping with friends/family

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RACHIE said...

I forgot to add Cafe Rio'a entire menu to my list. I seriously could eat there everyday!