Vacationing at my House?

I hate it when holidays fall in the middle of the week. The thought of working two days, getting one off, and going back for another two did not appeal to me (actually going back for only one because Noah had a doctor's appointment on Friday). So I decided to take Thursday and Friday off and make it a vacation. Not a Disneyland vacation, just a vacation away from work, and time to spend with my two favorite boys. :) It was great!

I am a big believer in traditions and Holidays, and with the 4th on a Wednesday we could not go to Cedar City like we usually do so I thought we would try to make our own traditions. We actually started on Tuesday with going to the Riverton parade. I don't understand Salt Lake's love for 6:30 p.m. parades. That is the hottest time of the day. And I definitely do not understand people's love for setting up lawn chairs with rope strung in between them days before the parade starts to save their spot. What happened to getting there first? I learned the hard way that doesn't matter. We were whispered about as we stood in a place that someway had saved (there were only 3 of us and a 16 month old). There were never brave enough to tell us to move so we didn't and when the parade started they stood in the road anyways so it didn't matter.

Wednesday morning we went out to Copperton (I know Copperton? but my dad lives there) and had breakfast at the park and played there for awhile, until Noah was tired. Then we headed back to my dad's for the real reason we go to Copperton, my dad's pool. Ashlee and Brad met us there and we played for a couple hours.

Next on we had a BBQ at our house with our friends Chris and Hillary, and my sis Ashlee and her boyfriend Brad. Then it was off to fireworks. That was fun. Noah shook at first, but once he realized that the noise was not going to hurt him he enjoyed them.

We hung out for awhile at my sister in law's house. Tim and I needed hair cuts and she has a daughter (Chloe) who is Noah's age. He still walks around the house looking for Chloe.

Noah had a Cardiology appointment. Noah's pediatrician could hear a heart murmur at his last appointment so she suggested we take him to a cardiology just to make sure it was an innocent murmur. Which it was, thank goodness. However, he has a Bicuspid Aortic Vavle . This is a heart defect that effects the flow of blood to the heart. It is nothing we have to worry too much about now, it will be something he will have to watch more when he is in his 40's, but every parent wants their child to be 100% healthy and when you are told that yours is not it is hard. It could have been worse, so I am happy that he is a healthy boy, with just a little problem.

The rest of Friday was good. We took Noah to Toys R Us and spoiled him because he was so good at the doctor's office (minus the blood pressure cuff, but who likes those anyways). Then went shopping for ourselves. :)

The rest of the weekend is so boring that I won't write about it, but it was great to just stay at home and relax!


RACHIE said...

I am so happy to hear the Noah is okay. I would have been freaking out if I were you.

I love to vacation at my house...sometimes it is better than going away.

Are you in your new house now?

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Laurel said...

Who's rodrigo? A secret latin lover? Anyhow I am happy that you were able to takes some days off. Tom did as well and we had a great time.