Remembering Mom

2 years ago yesterday, was the last time we carried on a conversation.

2 years ago tomorrow I told you it was ok to take your dad's hand and go back to our Heavenly Father.

I miss you everyday!

I will always want just one more day
- to call you
- to tell you I love you
- to hear you say you love me
- to hear you say you are proud of me
- for you to spend time with Noah
- just to give you a hug

but I am happy you don't feel anymore pain.

Advise to anyone who's mom is still living:

- Don't ask her to do something for you that only mom your mom can do, ask her to show you how to do it, because you just never know what the future holds.

- Call your mom today just to tell her you love and appreciate her.


Laurel said...

Your mom is a very special woman.

One of the things that I liked best was her abiliy to make a space feel so cozy and warm. Do you remember the RS overnighter we had at your mom's house? Everything was decorated so cute and felt so comfortable. And that was your mom, just really cute and so comfortable to be around.

I will be thinking about you guys tomorrow.


RACHIE said...

Coco, I cried when I read this post.

I remember when she came to an Singles Ward Activity and talked about her cancer. I could not believe all that she went through. Your mom was an amazing person. She was always so spunky and fun.

My thoughts are with your family right now. Love you!!!