Grateful for . . . being a mom

I read a blog the other day that talked about gratitude and the month of November, I thought that was a great idea and I am going to steal the idea (sorry).

Today I am grateful to be a MOM! The job of being a mom is the longest worst paid job out there, but the most rewarding. I love being a mom.

There is nothing better than:

- hugs, just because
- calls on the telephone to say 'Come home now!'
- slobbery kisses
- to hear 'Mom, I wuv you.'
- to play chase around the house
- to cuddle on the couch and watch cartoons with a narrator (mom, he's crying; mom, he's jumping; mom, what's he doing) the whole time

There are plenty of downs that go along with the ups of being a mom, so thankgoodness it is easier to remember the ups. And I will take ALL the hard times, because the good times are SO good.

Thanks Noah for letting me be your mom, and putting up with all my imperfections. I love you!


RACHIE said...

Very sweet. It is crazy how much you love them. I love watching them explore something new. It is the greatest!

Kira said...

He is so cute! Being a Mom is the very best. I haven't seen you in forever (since singles ward). It was great to catch up on your life through Laurels' Blog. Congrats on a great boy!