I am not THANKFUL for my rash

I woke up Saturday morning with a rash on my chest and stomach. I didn't feel bad and it really didn't itch so I didn't think much of it. I couldn't think of anything out of the ordinary that I ate or used, but I just continued on with the weekend.

Monday I still had the rash, it hadn't spread but it was starting to itch. A co-worker suggested I take Benadryl and that would let me for if it was an allergic reaction. It didn't make the rash go away, but it stopped the itch.

Tuesday I called 'ask a nurse' and she said it was probably just a reaction to something and if I still had it after 7 days to go to the doctor.

Wednesday the rash started to spread. It was now up my neck, in my hair, and on my back. I already had the chicken pox but that is what it looks like, so I decided I better get to the doctor in case it was contagious and I was infecting everyone. The doctor diagnosed it as Pityriasa Rosea . My response was basically what the heck is that. She told me it was a viral infection that was not contagious, but could last up to 2 weeks. She also informed me since it was viral that they could not give me anything for it.

Once I got back to work I looked it up on line. It doesn't last for 2 weeks, it lasts for at least 6 weeks, even up to a few months. 6 WEEKS PEOPLE, and that is the short side of it. I could go months with itchy spots that I can only take Benadryl to help with the itch.

Have you ever been diagnosed with something that no one has ever heard of?


Laurel said...

Oh Coco...I am so sorry! Sounds terrible.

RACHIE said...

Ouch! Have Noah kiss it better :)