My love / hate relationship with . . .


I was SO excited for Noah to hit 18 months so he could go to nursery. I wanted to enjoy church more, and maybe listen to the lesson long enough to feel the spirit. This has happened. I love that Noah LOVES nursery and that he gets along with the other kids.

The HATE factor comes from since Noah started going to nursery he has been sick more times than he was in the first 18 months of his life (and he is only 21 months old). I hate that other parents take their kids to church whether they have a cold or not.

What are your thoughts on nursery?


Crystal said...

We are three weeks away from Lincoln going to nursery! Church is a JOKE right now. I've heard that kids get way more sick once their in nursery though, so that is a bummer :(

Kira said...

Do your teachers enforce the no-sick rule? I would bring it up with the nursery teachers. Mine are very good about taking the kid to its parents if it looks sick. They are very polite they just say, "oh, it looks like Lisa is not feeling too well. We thought you would want her with you". Some parents just need a little coaching :)