What a weekend

I had a great weekend.

My work Christmas party was Friday at Jeremy Ranch. I love to go up to Park City and mingle with co-workers while having a delicious dinner. I especially like to get the little envelope at the end night to help with Christmas. However, there was another twist to this party that I was not expecting. I was one of the two Employees of the Year! I couldn't believe it. You have to understand that I do accounting for a construction company, so I am basically working in a man's world. It has been a crazy year for me because my assistant went into premature labor in September and I had to train 3 temps during year end (which is the busiest time of the year) so I appreciated getting noticed for being able to deal with that, I didn't mind the envelope that came with it either.

Then that night Tim and I stayed in Park City. (Thanks Megan for watching Noah) It was the first time we have both been away from Noah. It was nice to have some quality time together.

The next morning we went to the Outlet stores and shopped and shopped. It was a blast! I LOVE shopping, but I forgot how fun it is to shop without a 22 month old throwing tantrums.

I have to say it was great to get home and have Noah say 'Hold You Mommy' (We won't talk about the diaper changing tantrum that happened 5 minutes later)

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