Resolutions 2008

My resolutions for the new year . . .

- To run a half marathon ( I am not sure what I am thinking)

- Get in better shape (a new way of saying lose weight, but hopefully more productive)

- Get my house more organized

- To blog more (I am not starting off on the best foot for that one)

- Enjoy life more

- Make new friends


Laurel said...

Welcome to 2008 and good luck with your resolutions!

NatRat said...

Hey Collete, of coarse I remember you. You look great. So, advice for your marathon training. I have learned that you have to just go into it as a fun time. Don't expect a too high goal. And for me, I have to run by myself on the races. I need to keep at my own pace and do what my body is telling me to do. Good luck! It is great to hear from you.