Why I LOVE being a MOM

Last night my little guy struggled to fall asleep, I am not sure if it was the late nap, the temperature of the house or missing his mom, but he didn’t want to stay in his room.

Noah: I need a Sippy mommy

Me: K, get back in bed and I will get you one

I get him is sippy and send him back to bed. 5 minutes later.

Noah: I need to peepee downstairs mom

Me: K, let’s put you on your potty chair.

He does his business and then I send him back to bed. 5 minutes later.

Noah: Mommy, my dogs are a mess in my bed (he has to sleep with 2 stuffed dogs and a kitty)

Me: K, let’s fix them.

I put him back in his bed and gather his stuffed animals up to give to him and he grabs me around the neck and pulls me so I am practically laying on him.

Noah: Mommy, you sleep with me?

Me: Ok, I will lay with you a little while.

Noah: You save me mommy, you save me.

Me: You save me too Noah.

Noah: I save you mommy, I save you. . .

Then he fell asleep. Nothing is better than feeling like you are everything to your kids. That is what Mother’s Day is all about. (I need to write that down so when he is 16 I can remember that)


Rachie said...
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Rachie said...

What a little dreamboat. My heart melted when I read that. Aren't you glad you have litle Noah?

Kira said...

Honestly at first I thought wow he is yanking her chain, just like Keaton does to me. By the end I had a tear in my eye. What we wouldn't do for these precious little guys. It is so nice to be so completley loved, eh?