Making the Cut

I know every kid has to at some time, but at 2 seriously?

I was upstairs changing the laundry when Noah came up to me and said “I cut my hair.” I thought he meant he wanted his hair cut cause Dad and Drako (the dog) had just gotten their hair cut, so I told him that Megan could cut it soon (I was trying to grow out to be shaggy) . Then I got on the landing of the stairs and notice little piles of hair, that is when I looked at Noah’s hair closer and noticed a spot ½ way back where the hair was a quarter of an inch long. Now Noah has a buzz cut (I didn’t get it as short as he did or he would be bald). I am just glad that if he had scissors that there was no blood and all his fingers were still intact.

Before the hair cut.

The area that was cut. (I couldn't get a good picture)

The new hair cut. I don't even think he looks like the same kid.

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Crystal said...

Oh my goodness! Noah is so cute with his little buzz cut, but you're right--he looks so different! Lincoln is the king of finding scissors. So far he's only cut his shirt, but I'm sure the hair won't be safe for long.