Happp Birthday to me. . .

It was my birthday over the weekend and the weekend was great! It started off with a delicious lunch at Paradise Bakery with the girls at work. I love that place! Then that evening we went to dinner with my in laws, to the Trio. It is an Italian restaurant. I had never been there before but my brother-in-law had a big bike race the next day and I know the need for pasta the night before. It was a yummy dinner and great company. Saturday I hit the pavement around 8:00 so I could get a good run in before I eat A LOT of calories that day (I must love food cause so far that is all my birthday has been about). After my 6 mile run, we got ready for the day, dropped Noah off at his Grandma’s and Tim and I headed for the Cheesecake Factory. I love that restaurant and have not dared to attempt to fight the crowds in Utah yet (so we should up as the doors opened). We had an amazing lunch with yummy cheesecake for desert, and then we were off to do a little shopping before it was time to pick Noah up. I got a gift card to ‘Name Droppers’ (I have never heard of the place either, but it is like a TJ Maxx for the rich – really high end) I got these great Donald J Pliner shoes. They were marked down to $72 from $220. Still a little pricey for my taste but with a gift card they weren’t.

Then we picked Noah up and went and enjoyed some Vitamin D while Noah splashed around in his pool. In the evening we hit the mall and I got my purse (shown with the shoes).
The next day we had dinner at my dad’s. This is where I got spoiled with TONS of presents (clothes, shoes, running shoes, jeweler, etc)
It will go down as one of my best weekends, and to top it off Tim did the housework! ! ! That makes the weekend GREAT!


Laurel said...

Happy Birthday!

Crystal said...

Yay! Happy birthday! Sounds like your day was fantastic and I LOVE your shoes!