Should I be heading to the MTC?

Do you believe dreams have meaning? Especially re-occurring dreams? What causes re-occurring dreams?

I have one, and I WANT ANSWERS (or maybe not). I have a re-occurring dream about every 6 months. I served a mission in Sweden and since I have been back I dream that I am called to serve again. Not as a couple though, but as a single sister missionary. WHY? I loved my mission and learned tons from it, but it is not time to serve another mission. My real life always plays a part in my dream, like having to tell Noah goodbye to serve, or serving with my sister or something, I just don’t understand why I keep dreaming about it. I believe there is meaning behind them; I am just not sure what the meaning is.

Do you have any ideas on what my dream means? Do you have a re-occurring dream? If so, please share.


Chris and Hilary said...

Chris has dreams regularly about being called back on his mission too. And in his dream he is always mad that he has to leave his family to go back.

I have re-occuring nightmares though!

Maggie's Mom said...

Maybe it means that there is someone in your life that you are meant to share the gospel with and they are just waiting for you.

Amy said...

I like Maggie's Mom comment. I have dreams all the time that don't always make sense when I dream them and later I will see the moment in the dream happening. It is not the entire dream just a blip of it. I kinda use that as my way of knowing I must now (sometimes months later) be in the right place. I am always thinking over my dreams. I think your dream may mean you need to find more opportunities to serve and share the gospel. Perhaps it is something that will not be with your family or involved with your role as a mom. Let me know how it goes!