Concerts + Summer = Best of Times

I grew up on country music. It flows through my blood. My mom always had Alabama, Sawyer Brown, Oakridge Boys, etc. playing in our house. But it wasn’t just in the house, we went to whatever concerts came to the small town on Cedar City, and every year in September we would come to Salt Lake for the State fair, but really for what concert my mom wanted to see. I enjoy country concerts to this day. They are more chill, than most of the others and they are a lot cheaper (some are free). This year we went to 3 within a 2 week span and had a great time.

First was Sawyer Brown at the Sandy Ampatheater. It was great. Mark Miller the lead signer doesn't ever stop dancing.

Next was Hal Katchem. He sang great, but he was a little crazier and drunker than I remember him.

The last concert was at the Salt Lake County Fair. It was Emerson Drive. They are a band that it is just fun to watch.

Are there fun things from your childhood that you are doing now with your kids?

P.S. On a different note we are getting the internet at home, so hopefully I will have more time to blog, since my boss was let go a month ago and I have been teaching myself how to do financial statements in my spare time which I didn't have in the first place.

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Amy said...

I am looking forward to taking them hiking and camping. Those were some of my favorite memories with my family. I can't wait for my own kiddies to come so we can do the same!