Nie Nie's Day

It is amazing what can come from tragedy. I am sure most of you are aware of what happened to Stephanie Neilson from Nie Nie’s Dialogues. I have never met her but I loved to read her posts. My heart has been so heavy for her; being a mom it breaks mine heart that she can’t hold her little ones. Or even worse that she may not make it through to see the little things that make a mom smile. My heart also breaks for her kids. I watched my mom suffer for a long time, I was a lot older, but to see your care provider needing the care is hard.

It has been awesome to see the blog world pull together to help cover the medical bills, if you go to
Design Mom you can see ALL the silent auctions that people who know and don’t know Stephanie have on their blogs to raise money for her.


Jeanine said...

Collette, it is your cousin Jeanine- I saw your post on my mom's blog. I was so excited to fing that you and Megan have blogs! Your blog is very cute! It will be very nice to be able to keep up on everyone's lives now. If you look at my links you can see that everyone in our family has blogs so you can see everyone, they would love to keep in touch!

boteen said...

Hi there. This is great! It feels like we can really see what is going on with our extended family. I really wish we were all closer and had more chances to get together. Thanks for checking in.
Aunt Teena