Stitches Sunday

(This is my sister in laws house, it is beautiful!)

Sunday we had dinner at my sister in laws house, my mother in law was watching the kids so we went up to help out and have dinner. After dinner everyone except for Bonnie (mother in law) and I went out to the new motor home my in laws had just purchased. I was finishing up the dishes when, my brother in law, Jon came running in to tell me that Noah had cut his chin, but it wasn’t bad. Being a mom, I took off running. I met Tim at the front door. Tim’s and Noah’s shirts were covered in blood, and I freaked out. By that time the blood had stopped and I looked at the cut to see if he needed to get stitches. Noah lifted his head up so I could see and the gash was HUGE!

Noah was on the top bunk playing and Tim had just wiped Noah’s nose and turned around to throw the tissue away when Noah fell off and hit his chin on the corner of the chairs.

We gathered our things up and headed out. We decided to go to an insta care rather than an emergency room to save on costs. The first one did not take our insurance so we headed off to the next insta care. Noah did not want to go to the doctor and was freaking out! Once we were in the room and they put some numbing gel on his cut he calmed down. He played doctor, cleaning up Tim’s scratch on his nose, while we waited for the numbing gel to work. He was SO brave when the doctor came in, he answered questions and even lay on the pillow, but then the nurse gave him a shot of numbing medicine, and that was the end of him being brave. The doctor had Noah’s head, I was holding him hands and Tim was grabbing Noah’s legs, and he still moved around enough that the needle bent in his chin. After I some what calmed Noah down we decided to put him on a Papoose Board and strap him down. This actually calmed him down a little. The cut had gone all the way to the jaw bone, through all layers of skin, so they had to do two stitches on the inside and four on the outside.

I am so GRATEFUL that was the extent on his injuries, and pray we don’t have stitches again (at least for a couple more years)


Cindy n Orv said...

Collette, I am so sorry about Noah's chin. I think I was about his age when I fell off my bunk bed and did the same thing... I remember falling but I don't remember the stitches other than I know I had them. Chins seem to be one of the best(or worst) places for stitches. I guess it is more vulnerable. Hope he heals soon! See you on Saturday! Thanks for your little blog about Mom, it was perfect!
Love you, Cindy

Maggie's Mom said...

Poor little guy. Give him a hug from me.

Amy said...

Ouch poor Noah! Whose house is that in the picture? Wow it is beautiful.

Crystal said...

HOLY SMOKES!! Poor Noah. Here's to no more stitches!

And you SIL's house is incredible! Is it in SLC?

cole & jackie said...

Hey Collette! That explains the bandage on the chin then :) It was good to see you last weekend! Sad that it really has been so long since we've all seen each other. Our blog is coleandjackster@blogspot.com if you send me an email at jackiepilling@gmail.com I'll add you on.

LindseyFae* said...

That's always so scary when something happens to your little one! I'm glad that we haven't had to deal with anything like that...yet.