Save the Ta Ta's

(Me, Mom, and Megan at Race for the Cure 5/05)

October is save the Ta Tas month (better known as Breast Cancer awareness month). We kicked the month off by going to a silent auction and concert (Kevin Sharp).
As you may know my family supports all cancer awareness and fund raisers we know about and can make it to. Three years ago this month I lost my mom to ovarian cancer. Unfortunately there are not a lot of events about ovarian cancer, but cancer is cancer and I try to support it.
This month I want to dedicate my blog to my mom and share fun (and maybe a few sad) stories about her struggle with cancer. She was only 42 when she was diagnosed with this disease and fought the fight for 9 years.

· My advise to you: if you feel there is something wrong and your doctor doesn’t pursue the problem, find another doctor, you KNOW your body.


Laurel said...

When I think about your mom I always remember such a classy lady.

Thanks for the advice!

penny search stock said...

not bad.

Jeanine said...

I think it is awesome that you guys get out there and support everything. I have tried for 6 years now to do the MS walk here in Cedar City and every year something has come up on the event. One year being Grandpas funeral. This year I am SO determined to have my whole family do it with me. I think if I put the date down now and we can hopefully get it done. I think its just great that you do everything you can to help fight the disease and honor your mom.

boteen said...

Collette, this is great. Bob and I also miss your mom a lot. She was a beautiful lady, with a lot of class. You 3 daughters do her proud.

Crystal said...

What a great way to remember your mom. My mom's two sisters and their mother all died of breast cancer. I still think of them often.