Sweet Reunion

My sweet Grandma Christiansen (better known as Grandma Chris) passed away last Saturday. It is sad to see her go, but she has not been well for a few years. And her sweetheart has been waiting patiently for a sweet reunion, and I bet there was one.
I love and miss you Grandma
(Please give my mom a big hug and kiss from me!)
Memories of Grandma
- Homemade Mac & Cheese
- A light switch on the ceiling of a bedroom
- Barbie and sewn clothes (why would you make Barbie clothes?)
- Mowing the lawn using the riding lawn mower and it taking hours, because Grandma
would make me take a break every 15 minutes.
- The big garden they would plant. I loved the peas, but I didn’t understand why they would plant rows and rows of green beans that would be ripe when they were in South Dakota, so I had to spend my summers picking green beans.
- The fence in front of their house that was our balance beam.
- And the few stories I heard of my Grandma in the WASP’s. And flew planes during World War II

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