5 years and 9 months

Noah turned 5 years old last Thursday and Kyra hit her 9 month mark on the 12th.  They both had doctor appointments on the 25th to see how they were doing.


45 inches (93%)
43 lbs (60%)

Noah is growing up more and more each day.  He has learned the alphabet sounds and all.  He can count to 29, and loves to play at preschool.  He has started to learn to read, and can cut out shapes using scissors.  He is learning to write his name using upper and lower case letters (why do we teach them to do it in all upper case). 

But what really amazes me about Noah is his vocabulary and the way he retains knowledge.  He how is mind is always thinking, try to solve problems.  He is always picking up new words (some are not the best) and using them.  The other day he was explaining to me what hilarious meant. :)

A cute story about how his mind works:  We were driving in the car and a commercial came on for Disneyland telling that if you stayed at their hotel you could save 35%.  Noah:  "Mom, did you hear that?  We can save 35% at Disneyland.  That's a deal right?  Does that fit into the budget cause we can save money.  And you can wait in line with Kyra while I ride the rides with dad."  I love that kid and the way his mind works.


29 inches (95%)
18.8 lbs (50%)

Kyra is trying her hardest to keep up with her brother, and doing a pretty good job.
- She crawls every where.  And is pretty fast at the stairs if you are not watching her.
- She can stand up on her own.  She can stand up in the middle of the room as long as she has something small to get her started, like the diaper bag.
- She cruises everywhere and we have a step stool that pushes all around the house so she can walk every where.
- She can take 6 steps on her own
- She can say: Mama, Dada, Ta da, Baba, Uh Oh, Num Num (for Yum Yum), Peek A Boo, Drako (I know that sounds crazy, but I promise she can.  That is our dog's name) Noah (or No No) they sound the same
- She eats everything! (Dog food and foam rubber included)
- She is a happy baby
- She sleeps from 9:30 to 6:00
- She can clap, wave, raise her hands above her head as she says Ta Da
- In sign language she can say: Baba, Change, All Done


Jamie said...

What an adorable pair! They are growing up so quickly.

Kathy said...

Kyra is so adorable. She looks like such a happy girl. Noah is so handsome and grown up. They must make you so happy.

Amy said...

Looks like they are growing well and very cute!