Please stop growing

I have to registrar Noah for Kindergarten this week.  I just want to keep my kids little forever!!

Update: This weekend was bad with only being nice to Tim (I am only human).  I did say a lot of sweet things, but then I said some not so nice things.
Monday:  I sent him an email 'thanking him for putting up with me.' :) And I wrote 'I love you, Babe' on my white board in the kitchen.  I really need to work on showing him that I love him.  Any tips?  If it was me all he would need to do is do the dishes, clean the house, but I don't think those things show him that I love him.


Jamie said...

I can't believe he'll be in kindergarten! He's growing up so quickly

Amy said...

Kindergarten seems to have a way to make you feel like the time has flown. It seems to only get busier all the time!