Love is in the Air

I love Valentine's Day. I love making Tim plan a surprise night for me, I love getting my kiddo's a cute little something to say I love you, I love making heart shaped sugar cookies.  What I don't love is trading presents with Tim.  I love surprises and thought out gifts, and that is what I get.  So you are wondering why I don't like trading presents? Cause I can't ever do that for Tim.  My sweet husband likes to pick out a present for himself (for every holiday) and he usually orders it weeks in advance.  It drives me CRAZY!  I know it is nice to get what you want, but come on give me a wish list of a couple things you want, don't already know what you want and have the mouse lingering over purchase, just waiting to ask me if it is ok.  What am I suppose to say, no.  Cause I don't ever say no, I just get mad and let him buy it.

So this year (cause yes the present is already purchased, but I won't let him have it until Valentine's Day) I have decided to spend the month of February doing nice things for Tim.  I want to send texts that just say "Thanks" or "I love you," not "Why didn't you do the dishes."  I want to say "Thanks for getting the kids to the sitters today," not "Why didn't you throw the dirty diaper away."  I want to give him a foot rub when he spends all day on his feet working a second job, cause I am tired of debt, not get frustrated cause I need a break from hearing little ones say, "Mom."  I want to show my hubby that I love and appreciate him more today than I did the day I married him.  And I wish this was something that is easy, but if you are like me it is so easy to get frustrated with what they are not doing rather than thank them for all that they are doing.

I started yesterday with a simple one.  I sent him a text after I got done at the gym to thank him for parking in front of the building not around back cause it was single digits and I didn't want to walk around back (we meet at the gym and Tim drives the car with the kids home and then I get my chance to work out).  I could have let it go unnoticed but I was indeed happy and wanted to let him know.

So join me in making February a lovey month. :)

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