How did your morning start?

Mine started like this . . .
Frozen pipes. :( Thank goodness I took a bath last night to warm up, but I REALLY needed to wash my hair today.  I hate yucky feeling hair.  Oh well, what to do.

Update: Yesterday when I got to Tim's work (the gym) he ran around back and brought the other car around so when I was done the car would be waiting up front.  See not only was I being nice with my text, but I also a bonus for sending it.

Yesterday, I asked Tim about his day and thank him tons for thinking about me and bringing dinner home from work so I didn't have to.

I have even done something nice today, and it isn't even 8 yet.  I bet a lot of you aren't even out of bed yet. :) It is garabge day today and our garabge man comes around 8, early I know.  Well, Tim forgot to take the garabge out last night, so rather than making him get out of bed and take the cans to the curb I did for him.  It may not sound like a lot, but our drive way is covered in ice (why did we buy a north facing house), and the weather channel said it was 7 degrees but felt like -8, which just means cold, and here is the big one, there was a dead mouse behind the garabge cans.  Yuck! I hate mice.  Are you finding nice ways to show your man that you love him?


Nicole said...

What did you do with the mouse?

Coco said...

I left it there. There was no way I was going to touch it, just seeing it there grosses me out too much. I am being nice, not a super hero. :)

Kathy said...

Good job. I need to do this too. Thanks for sharing the idea. My husband totally buys himself things too. So frustrating