Noah's New Word

I know all mom's pride themselves in telling other mom's that their baby is the smartest, but sometimes I feel bad when I talk to other mom's because Noah is so smart and other mom's say guess what so and so can do, and Noah has been doing that for months. Here are just a few examples:

- he started crawling at 6 months
- he started walking at 10 months
- he can say 50+ words (some of the cools ones are: cool dude, where'd go, bye bye draky (the dog's name is Drako), racket, jump)
- he loves to say the pray (you don't understand any of it except for amen, and there is no denying that he said amen, but there is nothing cuter than watching him fold his arms and bow his head to start rambling)

But his new favorite word, and my least favorite word is 'NO'. I am proud that it took him 16 months to learn it, but now that he learned it he loves to say it. For example I got him out of his crib this morning and said "I need to change your pants." And he was quick to respond "No." And he meant it.

One of his favorite things to do is take off running for the dog food and turn and look at me and say "No, no, no" then continue to run as fast as he can for the dog food.

What do you do with a kid that is too smart for his own good?


RACHIE said...

Sounds like a smarty pants! You should be proud :)

Laurel said...

How fun...Noah is the smartest!!!