Run for Her Life

I am sure you all know I lost my BEAUTIFUL MOM to Ovarian Cancer almost 4 years ago. I have longed to find something I could participate in for Ovarian Cancer and I am so excited that we found this race. It is next weekend September 19th at Sugarhouse Park. I am begging everyone to come join in the fun. There is a 3 mile run/walk and an 1.5 mile walk, it only costs $20 and it goes to an amazing cause. I know EVERYONE can walk 1.5 miles and most people can come up with $20, please come join in the fun. You know I will be there!


boteen said...

Collette, I truly wish we could join you. I would love doing this in your Mom's name. We loved her and miss her. Bob and I will be in Philli that week, or we definately would be there. Good luck with the walk, I hope you have lots show up.

Jamie said...

I wish I could be there - but know I'll be thinking about you all.

Rodet said...

Awesome. I just saw Megan's pictures. What a cool family you are. Wish we could have joined you.